7. What Information Should Be Included in My Design Brief/Request?

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7. What Information Should Be Included in My Design Brief/Request?

  • Madari
  • Sep 15, 2023

To ensure the best possible design outcomes, it’s crucial to provide a comprehensive and informative design brief/request. Here are the key details to include:

  1. Format: Specify the format you need for your design, whether it’s for web, print, social media, or any other medium.
  2. Use Case: Clearly describe the purpose and context of the design. Explain where and how it will be used, such as for a website header, social media post, or print brochure.
  3. Size: Specify the dimensions or size requirements for the design. For instance, if it’s a social media post, mention the platform’s recommended size.
  4. Orientation: Indicate whether the design should be in portrait, landscape, square, or another orientation.
  5. Color Scheme: Share your preferred color palette or any existing brand colors that should be incorporated.
  6. Typography: Specify the font styles and sizes you prefer for text elements within the design.
  7. Brand Elements: If your design needs to align with an existing brand, provide brand guidelines, logos, and any other relevant brand assets.
  8. Stock Images: Mention if you have specific stock images you’d like to be used or if the designer should source images for you.
  9. Inspirational Designs: If you have examples of designs you admire or want to use as inspiration, share them to give the designer a better understanding of your vision.
  10. Text Copy: Include all the text and copy that should be incorporated into the design, ensuring accuracy and clarity.

By providing these details in your design brief, you’ll help our designers create a design that aligns perfectly with your vision and needs. A well-structured and informative brief can significantly reduce the need for revisions and lead to a more efficient design process.

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