Exploring the Latest Trends in Digital Design: What’s Hot in 2023?”

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Exploring the Latest Trends in Digital Design: What’s Hot in 2023?”

  • Madari
  • May 31, 2023

Arguably the biggest change in graphic design in 2023 will not be what our designs look like or how they function but how we make them.

Last year saw the world recovering from a pandemic, and design trends favoured comfortable nostalgia and colourful expression. Much of that optimism remains in 2023, but it has been strained through this year’s rising inflation around the world, the ever-advancing climate crisis, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

 To help you out, we have got hot takes on the most prominent graphic design trends right now, as well as real-world examples of each trend in action so you can understand them better.

Let us embark on a journey of exploration as we uncover the latest trends in digital design that are shaping the industry in 2023,

    1. AI Design

      Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the design process. With AI design tools, designers can create designs that would have been impossible to create manually, and the technology is constantly improving. Few tools that can help you create designs are: Debuild, Let’s Enhance, Visual Eyes.

      2. Risoprint

      The graphic design industry is embracing risograph printing’s distinctive style as it makes a resurgence. Designs gain a little bit of originality and character from their rough, organic textures and brilliant colours. It is a form of stencil duplication that uses soy-based inks to create a unique, organic look, adding to the charm and character of these creations.

      3. Distorted Typography

      Distorted Typography is a style of text design where the letters are intentionally changed and twisted to create a unique and eye-catching look. It is a creative way to make text more visually interesting and expressive.

      4. Metaverse Aesthetics

       Metaverse has been the prime focus of Facebook, it has been central to all discussions of tech and digital design. Metaverse is a combination of physical and digital, and a mixture of AI, AR, VR and ILR. These areas are evolving incredibly quickly, making it an exciting time to be a creative. It also holds big opportunities for brands, who can use this tech to add value to their offering, and consistency to their brand identity, as more luxurious and/ or unique.

      The newest tech-savvy freelancers as well as traditional designers can all benefit from the wide and interesting combination of old and new graphic design styles that are expected to be popular in 2023. Now is the ideal time to start investigating these trends and applying them into your work, whether you are wanting to break into the industry or advance your design abilities. These trends present a plethora of options for innovation and growth, whether you are trying to build your freelance design business, add to your portfolio of graphic design work, or take on new design tasks. Why not jump in, try some things out, and see what you can come up with? The possibilities are boundless, and the future of graphic design is looking brighter than ever

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