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  • Madari
  • Aug 30, 2023

INTRODUCTION Brand equity is the secret ingredient that separates successful businesses from the competition in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. The idea of customer-based brand equity (CBBE) is at the core of brand equity. We will go deeply into the realm of CBBE in this blog, learning what it is, why it matters, and how… Continue reading WHAT IS CUSTOMER BASED BRAND EQUITY?

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  • Madari
  • Aug 24, 2023

Rebranding your business is a natural part of the life cycle of any company. Companies which rule the market, have to rebrand at some point, it sounds easy but it is not. Rebranding is not just about a shiny new logo; it is a strategic move that can breathe new life into your business, aligning… Continue reading 7 Reasons When It is Time to Rebrand

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  • Madari
  • Aug 22, 2023

Businesses are continuously looking for novel methods to interact with their audience in the quickly changing digital landscape of today. In order to build a comprehensive and effective marketing campaign, the advent of hybrid digital marketing has arisen as a potent method that skillfully combines the advantages of both online and offline tactics. We will… Continue reading HYBRID DIGITAL MARKETING: A REAL NECCESSITY?

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  • Madari
  • Aug 9, 2023

As the digital world is growing so is online business. A great customer experience is any key to business success. Delivering satisfying customer experiences can drive loyalty and help to boost revenue in long run. Today, 59% of all consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience. And there is… Continue reading 5 REASONS WHY CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IS IMPORTANT?

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  • Madari
  • Aug 2, 2023

In 2023, content audits will be crucial because of how quickly the digital environment is evolving. Every day, new content is released, and consumer expectations are growing. Make sure your content is current, pertinent, and of the highest caliber if you want it to be seen and heard. WHAT IS CONTENT AUDIT? All the material… Continue reading WHY CONTENT AUDIT IS IMPORTANT IN 2023

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  • Madari
  • Jul 26, 2023

Having only a business or a store is not enough. Did you know that having an online presence is also important. It is also crucial to build a strong and appealing brand which attracts customers. In the world or digital space, having a successful brand should be a focus in all aspects. Creating content, appealing… Continue reading HOW TO DEVELOP A BRAND ONLINE IN 2023

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  • Madari
  • Jul 19, 2023

Minimalism design has revolutionized the way we approach aesthetics, functionality, and the overall visual experience. With its emphasis on simplicity, clean lines, and the elimination of unnecessary elements, minimalism has made a profound impact on various fields, including architecture, interior design, graphic design, and technology. Techniques like the use of negative space, strong font, and… Continue reading Graphic Design’s Minimal Influence

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  • Madari
  • Jul 11, 2023

We sit down with ourselves each year to make resolutions to better ourselves as people. But as our dependence on digital technology increases, so do its environmental effects. The design sector is making tremendous progress in 2023 towards developing sustainable digital designs. Let us examine some significant innovations and techniques that are influencing the creation… Continue reading THE RISE OF SUSTAINABLE DIGITAL DESIGN

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